Drummer's Review videos on Mapex, Ludwig, PDP + more With a PDP history on drums, guitars and cars Drummer\'s Review videos on Mapex, Ludwig, PDP + Snare Drum Batter Hoop Comparison Drummer's Review is a UK based review platform that started in 2017. As of now, 52 videos have been released hosted by Britain's best authorities on drums and percussion. The good part in sharing drumming knowledge is that everybody has different views, and we like to share them all on Drummerszone.

Let's start with PDP's Baby Blue that Drummer's Review covered with its official name: PDP Concept Maple Ltd. Edition Shell Pack.
It was introduced at NAMM 2018, and Drummerszone made a background story on it.

Also, check out Drummer's Review's views on Mapex, Ludwig and their snare drum batter hoop comparison below as well.

DW's PDP Baby Blue
This drum's color palette is actually an ode to the Ford GT40 Race Car. While the colors were inspired by this famous race car, at Drummerszone we thought we found a conspiracy theory behind it. As it turned out, the Ford GT40 Race Car inspires on many musical levels.

The Music Industry's 50 year-conspiracy behind the Ford GT40 Le Mans wins...

DW's PDP Baby Blue drum color is an ode to the Ford GT40 Race Car

A PDP video on drums, guitars and cars

Drummer's Review on the PDP Concept Maple Ltd. Edition Shell Pack

Drummerszone PDP Baby Blue NAMM 2018 video

More in depth from Drummer's Review

Mapex Design Lab Black Panther Versatus System Shell Pack

Snare Drum Batter Hoop Comparison

Ludwig NeuSonic Shell Pack

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