Roland TD-17 V-Drums are as versatile as drummers Create your own galaxy of sounds with the new TD-17 Why Roland TD-17 V-Drums are as versatile as drummers #TD17.2 - Roland introduced the TD-17 on May 8, 2018, and with the hashtag #totallydrums accidentally also claimed the true meaning of hybrid drumming. #totallydrums includes the versatility the kit and the module provide to take drumming to a next level. In several videos and articles we dive deep into what the TD-17 has to offer. Not only for drumming, but even better: how they are built to support your music and your creativity. Michael Schack, Roland expert for 20+ years, shows you in all the videos how easy it is to work with the TD-17 module. First, let's go learn about the realm of possibilities that the TD-17 has to offer.

The Roland TD-17's best features
A few major improvements come with the TD-17 module and drums that by the way replaces the TD-11KV. Below we also added our video of the hardware rundown we published earlier.

Probably best sound wise, is the incorporated Prismatic Sound Modeling from the TD-50. This makes the feel much more real than any other e-drum out there. The sounds respond directly to your playing and makes the experience much better.

Why Roland TD-17 V-Drums are as versatile as drummers

In short, the best features of the TD-17 are:
  • The Module
    Of course, the module is where it all comes from. But the fact that it is so easy to work with - and the module's features, puts the TD-17 simply in the top 3, if not on #1 of the modules out there.

  • Improved sound quality
    The TD-17 has the improved TD-50 snare and cymbal sounds, as well as the interactivity and the dynamics that makes the TD-17 a major improvement from the TD-11. This is a drum kit + module that any drummer can play and play around with.

  • Adding and adjusting sounds
    You can import and assign your own and the available samples and sounds to both the heads and the rims of all the drums (except for the KD-17L).

    You can also tune, muffle and add effects to the sounds. And you can try everything you can't or wouldn't do with an acoustic set. You can actually set your Hihat size to 40"!

  • Layering sounds
    Besides assigning sounds and samples, you can also layer them on top of each other. Wheter it is a cymbal, Hihat or pad, you can add sounds and effects to already assigned sounds.

  • Bluetooth
    That does exactly what is says: you can connect your devices without the hassle of cables and tripping over them. Without any delay you can play along with your favorite tracks or anything you want to stream to the module.

  • The playing experience
    Roland has managed to reduce the latency to a level where a normal person can't even hear the difference with an acoustic drum. The drums and the module are lightning fast, easy to play with the new, strong and steady KD-10 kick pad and the hardware that has the standards of today. Please note that the TD-17K-L is a lighter version of the other kits. Check the all kit's individual details here.

  • The ultimate play along drum set?
    Yes, one of the best if not the best. With all the above you can play along with any track from any device, make the drums sound like the songs, record it, export it and much more.

    Although e-drums, programming and even working with the products seem like a new job for acoustic drummers, creating your own sounds with the TD-17 is extremely easy. When you are just as eager as if it is when studying your first rhythm, you'll be setup in minutes.
The three TD-17's

  1. the TD-17K-L: the light, beginning TD-17 model, and the cheapest of the three
    Comes with the TD-17-L sound module. A somewhat stripped version of the TD-17 module.
  2. the TD-17KV, the middle model
  3. and the Deluxe version: the TD-17KVX

Roland TD-17 - the new V-Drums kits explained

Roland TD-17 - the new V-Drums kits explained
In this video, Jules Tabberer-Stewart and Murai Takahiro provide you with a full rundown of the TD-17 KV and the two other kits. Jules is Global Marketing Strategy Manager with Roland, and Murai is the main guy behind the development of the TD-17 and the TD-50.

For all the specs on the drums and the hardware, check our article on the new V-Drums kits explained.

Roland endorsing artists
Just a few of the many artists that play or use Roland percussion products.
  • Michael Schack
  • Vinnie Colaiuta
  • Kaz Rodriguez
  • Thomas Lang
  • Anika Nilles
  • Peter Erskine
  • Chad Wackerman
  • Daniel de los Reyes
  • Dirk Brandt
  • Craig Blundell
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