25th Anniversary of the Zildjian A Custom Win and design your own A Custom cymbal with Paul Francis The 25th Anniversary of the Zildjian A Custom With only a 1,000 being made, Zildjian celebrates the 25th anniversary of the A Custom cymbals. Since its introduction in 1992, the A Custom is still one of the most popular cymbals in the world. Zildjian launches a limited edition 23" A Custom 25th Anniversary Ride cymbal. Each cymbal is uniquely numbered and personally signed by Craigie Zildjian. The collector's item Ride will come in a special cymbal box that includes a certificate of authenticity. But it gets even better...

Design your own A Custom cymbal with cymbal smith Paul Francis
Zildjian also gives three Zildjian's Z Club members the chance to design your own custom A Custom cymbal model with Zildjian's Director of R&D, Paul Francis. A member of the Z Club you will get an à la carte menu of sizes, weights and cups, and you will skype with Paul to hone in the sound you're looking for. As Paul is nearing completion of your cymbal, you'll skype again so you can watch him making it. The three winners will be randomly selected.

How to Enter
Just complete the entry form via the link below on Zildjian.com between 1 September & 1 December, 2017. You must be over 18 or of legal age in your Country.

Click to enter the Virtual Cymbal Maker contest
Each 23' A Custom 25th Anniversary Ride cymbal is uniquely numbered and personally signed by Craigie Zildjian

Celebrating 25 years of cymbal brilliance
In 1992, the A Custom Series broke new ground in cymbal manufacturing techniques. A Custom is universally recognized for its bright, cutting sound, brilliant finish and is played by many top international artists across all genres of music.

The 25th Anniversary Ride features symmetrical hammering, of course the brilliant finish, a clear and cutting bell and is crashable with a medium thin weight for a well-balanced sound.
"A Custom cymbals are one of our most popular cymbal lines around the globe and we wanted to create something special that gives drummers the opportunity to own a piece of Zildjian history."
- Victor Filonovich, Category Manager for Cymbals at Zildjian

The Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Ride is available at select dealers.

Artists who use the A Custom
  • Aaron Spears
  • Ben Stone
  • Chris Frazier
  • Jeff Friedl
  • Joey Kramer
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