Jojo Mayer's new dvd is 'A Guide to Foot Technique' New Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Jojo Mayer's new dvd is out: 'Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Pt. 2: A Guide to Foot Technique' is released today. This sequel to his award-winning bestseller on hand technique, Jojo Mayer covers a wide range of techniques, from the most fundamental to the most sophisticated. State-of-the-art visualization and in-depth analysis offer easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for drummers of every skill level. In this highly entertaining and informative program, Jojo explains every aspect of foot technique and pedals—and for the first time reveals the inner workings of his own technique in great detail.

Jojo Mayer: Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer 2 - Introduction

Jojo Mayer: Secret Weapons Part 2 - trailer

Contents include:
  • bass drum technique fundamentals including heel-down and heel-up playing,
  • playing "in" versus "out" of the bass drum
  • the pivot
  • bass drum hybrid techniques such as double strokes
  • the constant release technique
  • exploiting rebound/dislocated spring exercise
  • the rocking motion
  • the swiveling technique
  • the heel-toe technique
  • the Mayer power slide technique
  • grouping exercises
  • the Moeller pumping motion
  • Jojo's personal "secret weapon" techniques
Also included is a complete discussion of the history of the bass drum pedal, anatomy of the pedal, a guide on adjusting your pedals, overview of the perfect balance pedal, discussion of shoes, single vs. double pedal, and a complete analysis of the hi-hat, from its history to setup to playing techniques.

Jojo also covers useful topics such as speed, control, managing beater flutter, balance on the drum seat, seat height and posture, and single and double stroke coordination. Additional bonus material, tips and performance clips are included as well.

"After the success of Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer, one of the best-selling drum DVDs in history, we are really thrilled to present this new guide from Jojo, who is one of the foremost authorities on drum technique in the world," said Hudson Music President Rob Wallis. "We are certain this new DVD will take its place among the classics of drum education while helping drummers worldwide improve their playing."

Jojo Mayer: Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Pt. 2: A Guide to Foot Technique is available through:
Run Time: 4:25 - 3 discs
Price: $39.99
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