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This highly provocative, Des Moines, Iowa, USA-based alternative metal outfit, whose shock rock values are masked by their anonymous stage wear of matching jump suits and horror masks, was founded by Shawn Crahan (percussion) and Paul Grey (bass).

The early line-up of Slipknot released the independently recorded and distributed "Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat" in 1996. Although the band was struggling to make ends meet, their big break arrived when they were signed to leading metal label Roadrunner Records.

The band, comprising nine members, subsequently adopted a lucky number to wear on their jump suits. Alongside Crahan (number 6) and Grey (number 2), was number 8 Corey Taylor (vocals), number 7 Mick Thompson (guitar), number 5 Craig Jones (samples), number 4 James Root (guitar), number 3 Chris Fehn (percussion), number 1 Joey Jordison (drums), and number 0 Sid Wilson (DJ). They recorded their self-titled second album at Indigo Ranch Studios in Los Angeles, California.

The production work of Ross Robinson was a marked improvement on their messy debut, but failed to disguise the sub-Korn metal of tracks such as "Eyeless" and "Wait And Bleed". The bestselling Iowa confirmed Slipknot's remarkable popularity on the contemporary metal scene, with the band inspiring rabid devotion from their predominantly teenage fanbase (affectionately known as "maggots").

During a hiatus in band activities during 2002, various members of Slipknot embarked on outside projects, including Taylor and Root's Stone Sour, and Jordison's Murderdolls.

Slipknot returned in 2004 with new masks and an new album called "Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)".
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