Alex Machacek
* July 01, 1972
Austria, Czech Republic
Solo Artist
Born in Tulln, Austria Alex is originally from the Czech Republic. His parents came to this country as refugees in the mid '60s.

He started at the age of 8 by taking classical guitar lessons for six years at a music school in Vienna.

As influences he names Brian May and Queen, later Mark Knopfler, Ritchie Blackmore (as a kid/teenager), Joe Pass, Mike Stern, John Scofield, and John Abercrombie (around the age of 15 ­ 17), Holdsworth, John Mc Laughlin, Scott Henderson ,Chick Corea, Zappa, Wayne Krantz, Wes Montgomery, Joe Zawinul and so many others.

After taking classical guitar lessons for 6 years he got more interested in electric guitar. After taking private lessons from local guys in Vienna at the age of 17, Alex attended the Conservatory of Vienna for 4 years and finished with a degree in Jazz Guitar. While studying, he played as much as possible with all kinds of bands. After this studie he took part at a Berklee summer course in Perugia, Italy where you can audition for a scholarship. Alex received one.

He attended Berklee in 95'. Berklee was a good experience for Alex, but this had nothing to do with the college. Alex explains:
"It was good for me to live in a foreign country, and I really did want to go to the States for a while. However, I would never have been able to afford it without the scholarship. The tuition is very expensive, especially when you are not used to paying for your education (for the most part, education is free in Austria)."

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