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Angel Corpse was formed in the Fall of 1995 by Gene Palubicki and Pete Helmkamp. In March 1996, the Goats to Azazael demo was recorded after the addition of drummer John Longstreth in January. Hammer of Gods, the debut album for Osmose Productions(France), was recorded in July still as a three piece, and Bill Taylor joined in October on rhythm guitar.

Angel Corpse supported Impaled Nazarene in Europe in December, and in February 1997 the Nuclear Hell EP, recorded live in Strasbourg, France, was released. In May, the Wolflust EP was recorded with the full lineup , and several shows, includingthe Milwaukee Metalfest, were played in the US during the rest of the year.

The second Angel Corpse album, Exterminate, was recorded in November 1997 at Morrisound Studios. Exterminate, also released on Osmose, successfully captured the furious nature of the band's sound, and songs such as "Christhammer", "Sons of Vengeance", and "Wartorn" truly represented the direction that Angel Corpse would continue down.

After the release of "Exterminate" in February 1998, drummer Tony Laureano replaced Longstreth in March. Angel Corpse played the April 'No Mercy II Festivals' in Europe, which consisted of 11 shows with Immortal, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Marduk and God Dethroned. These dates averaged 1000 people per night, and some live footage and interviews were taken of all the bands for possible video use. Following these gigs, Angel Corpse continued as support for Immortal for another 25 European shows. In July-September of that same year, as openers for Cannibal Corpse on their U.S. tour, Angel Corpse played a grueling 55 shows in 9 weeks, and proved without a doubt to their American and Canadian fans that they were a powerful and professional live act. Rave reviews in magazines such as Terrorizer, Metal Maniacs, Pit, and numerous others, followed in the wake of the European and North American tours.

In November, Angel Corpse relocated to Tampa, Florida, and work began in earnest on their third album: The Inexorable. A follow up tour of the US with Incantation and Krisiun in January/February 1999 spread the bestial message further, and a split EP with Martire and several covers for Dwell Records were recorded in April 1999. In May, Angel Corpse entered Morrisound and Audiolab Studios to record The Inexorable, which features such devastating tracks as: "Stormgods Unbound", "The Fall of the Idols of Flesh", and "Smoldering in Exile". Once again featuring cover art by Joe Petagno, The Inexorable was released by Osmose in September, with a license to Olympic for North and South American distribution.

A 45 date tour of Europe with Marduk followed in September and October 1999.

After the American tour with Satyricon, Immortal and Krisiun, bassist/vocalist Pete Helmkamp decided to leave the band in May 2000. He had thought about leaving before. Things did not get any better as the band's van was attacked and his fiancee got stabbed after a show. Helmkamp got fed up an left. His departure led to the rest of the guys splitting up.
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