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Today Is The Day (TITD) formed in early 1992 and consisted of guitarist/vocalist/visionary Steve Austin and drummer Brad Elrod. Fed-up with what they perceived as a lackluster music scene in Detroit, the pair relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, solidifying their line-up with the addition of bassist Mike Harrel in March 1992. Shortly thereafter, the band released a self-financed 7" EP on their own Supernova Records.

In February 1993, Today Is The Day returned to Detroit to record new tracks, eventually releasing them as a run of limited edition cassettes. One of the tapes fell into the hands of Amphetamine Reptile commander Tom Hazalmayer. By the spring of 1993, Today Is The Day signed to Amphetamine Reptile Records and recorded and released their debut album, Supernova, which contained such hits as Black Dahlia and 6 Dementia Satyr. Today Is The Day were then featured on the Clusterfuck 7"/10" compilation with then-labelmates Guzzard and Choke-Bore, and they played 43 shows in the U.S. and 45 gigs throughout Europe with these artists upon the EP's release. During 1994, the band recorded their second full-length for AmRep, titled Willpower.

Containing a fierce barrage of eclectically extreme rock, Willpower enabled the band to join tours with heavyweights Helemt, Sick Of It All, Seni Geva and Unsane. During January'96, the band undertook their first headlining tour of Europe, capping the festivities with the recording of a Peel Session for the BBC. Today Is The Day released their self-titled third album on Amphetamine Reptile Records in 1996 and immediately hit the road in their infamous 1984 Lincoln Town Car, touring with the mighty Neurosis during March of that year and with Eyehategod and Zeni Geva later that summer. Problems between the band and AmRep led to the release of Steve and company from their contract prematurely. Relapse was coiled and waiting to strike...

Tortured rock sculptor Austin then added two new musical visionaries to the TITD cult and moved to the grounds of the Relapse complex. Percussive arch-bishop Mike Hyde and bassist/keyboardist Chris 'The Savior' Reeser joined the fold in 1997 with the goal of converting the world to their vision via the rock firmly ingrained in their minds. The band conducted an 18-track service wholly deserving of worship, contemplation and reverence. Temple Of The Morning Star was a milestone for the band, featuring absolutely mind-controlling riffs and surgically precise percussive manipulation combined with maniacally negative personal frustration, forming the basis of the most powerful and complex Today Is The Day album to that point.

Documented in the sanctuary of Austin Enterprises, the ceremony was produced by the high priests themselves. Songs like Blindspot, Kill Yourself, The Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself and the two-part title track were readily identifiable as the strongest material the band had ever written. Temple of the Morning Star indoctrinated thousands of new members into the Today Is The Day cult and strengthened the faith of the previously converted. It was time to obey. The rock had been forged!

In 1998, Austin again relocated, this time resurfacing in Clinton, MA., where he resurrected Austin Enterprises. "The Enterprise" not only serves as a home base for the band, but a state-of-the-art recording studio as well. In becoming one of the most sought-after producers in the field of extreme music, Austin has lent his considerable talents to recordings by acts such as Converge, Bane, Disassociate and Burn The Priest.

Revamping the TITD lineup yet again, Steve assembled what can only be described as a powerhouse ensemble, adding technical drumming sensation Brann Dailor and bass mogul Bill Kelliher, both formerly of the Rochester, NY, metal band Lethargy. Performing at both the 1999 March Metal Meltdown and The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, the band served notice as to what lay in wait for their devoted following. With the new super-charged lineup intact, the band wrote and recorded the mind-altering In The Eyes Of God. Absorbing negative energy and spitting it back into the listener's face with the subtlety of the world's end, Today Is The Day abuse typical musical structure. The movies WACO: The Rules Of Engagement and The Last Temptation Of Christ proved to be influences on the album's lyrics. Police invaded Austin Enterprises no less than 11 times during the recording of In The Eyes Of God (for violation of noise ordinances), furthering Austin's intense disdain for "The Man".

Tracks such as Spotting A Unicorn, Daddy, Possession and the stunning title track are but a few examples of the evolving Today Is The Day sound that has positioned the band as a lawless musical beast. A U.S. jaunt with Napalm Death took place soon after the album's completion, winning over many new devotees in the process. Real anger. Real hatred. Real songs.
Today Is The Day!

Drummer Brann Dailor and guitarist Bill Kelliher left the band in 1999 and moved back to their hometown of Rochester, New York. There, Dailor and Kelliher united with their former band Lethargy for a swansong show and demo.

With the final chapter in Lethargy closed, the musicians moved to Atlanta, forming the band Mastodon in January 2000.

After Dailor had left Today Is The Day, he was replaced by Brad Elrod.
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