Bruce Springsteen
* September 23, 1949
United States
Solo Artist
Bruce Springsteen (1949, New Jersey) is doubtless one of the greatest names the rock business provides. inspired by Elvis, the Beatles and Bob Dylan, he decided very early for a career as a rock musician - "well I've got this guitar and he learned how to make it talk", as he sings in one of his songs.

At first he was a lead guitarist at semi professional bands such as "The Castiles" and "Steel Mill". In the early 70's he wanted to realize his own thing, his own songs and his own dreams. So he took a few friends and called them the "E Street Band" - an early version of the legendary band was born.

In 1972 Bruce signed his first contract with CBS music (Columbia Records). His first albums didn't sell that good, but they received a few good critics. Bruces career got very steeply, from local 3$ concerts to the world's biggest arenas and stadiums. Bruce's legendary "Born In The U.S.A." album was sold more than 12 million times within the U.S.A. It remained for two and a half years at the U.K. and U.S. charts providing many top hits.

When bruce started his European tour, 7 of his song were in the charts. A worldwide Springstomania broke out. Bruce was ten times more popular than the president of the United States.

The rock genius and his band developed a very own substyle. their style contains modern rock, jazz, excellent lyrical contents and a very beautiful variety of different instruments. An incomparably legend with millions of fans and always sold out concerts.

Sounding a lot like Dylan, Springsteen has become ol' grandpappy, telling stories of Vietnam, prison life and lost love. He no longer sounds angry or energetic; merely philosophical.

In 1998, Springsteen successfully fought a lawsuit to stop a UK company issuing some early material. This media item coincided with the release of a surprisingly good box set, containing 66 unreleased tracks.

Normally, the original reluctance to release such material is well-founded on the basis of, if it was not good enough then, why bother now. This set bucked the trend and was highly praised. It has already become one of the most important releases of his career (much in the way The Bootleg Series became for Bob Dylan).

The following year Springsteen embarked on a rapturously well-received world tour with the rejuvenated E Street Band. In June 2000, Springsteen unveiled a new song, "American Skin", at a performance at Madison Square Garden.

A scathing comment on the police shooting of the unarmed Bronx resident Amadou Diallo, the song prompted calls by the NYPD for a boycott of the singer's concerts. On July 30th 2002 the rock genius released his latest album "The Rising".
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