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When Incognito made their first recordings in 1979 Jean-Paul Maunick - known to one and all as Bluey - remembers sitting next to the mix engineer getting high on the music and thinking to himself "I hope this will be a long lasting project that will take us places". Here they are in 2003 and about to release their ninth studio album "Who Needs Love", and even having toured the world more than once over the years, Bluey feels like Incognito have only just begun.

Incognito's first break came in the Seventies when Britain's influential and pioneering DJ Chris Hill gave them a recording contract with his Ensign Label. Chris' understanding and love of soul and jazz music helped the band to create their own brand of UK funk & jazz. Without Chris Hill there would never have been an Incognito, so imagine Bluey's joy when Chris called him recently to tell him that he had listened to "Who Needs Love" and thought it was Incognito's best album to date. "His words made me feel that our faith in our music and our commitment to its ideals had paid off", says Bluey. Bluey's past credits and collaborations include Steve Wonder, Philip Bailey, Marcus Miller, D'Angelo, Roger Sanchez, George Benson, Terry Callier.

Featuring contributions from Brazilian musical genius Ed Motta and Britain's most enigmatic troubadour Paul Weller, "Who Needs Love" is a collection of passionately crafted songs and instrumentals. US featured vocalist Kelli Sae from New York is joined by Joy Rose, and former Incognito vocalist Joy Malcolm returns to the line-up.

This album is a musical journey that showcases the band's Seventies roots, documenting their steps along the way through the Eighties & Nineties. Most importantly it shows how refreshing their sound is in a sea of imitators in the year 2003.

In a world of manufactured bands and a commercially driven music industry where creativity and individuality are rare, Incognito continue to take their soulful blend of jazz and funk across the globe. The new album has already sold more than 25,000 copies in Japan, where the band toured for four weeks at the end of 2002.

Following the UK release by Dome Records of "Who Needs Love" on March 17th they return to the live scene on the home front with a run of six consecutive dates at London's Jazz Café from April 20th - 25th.
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