The Netherlands
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Percossa. Four men for whom rhythm has no secrets. They breath rhythm.
Each of them brings in his own speciality and thus they form a group that stands out for its virtuosity and its diversity. A performance by Percossa is like a rollercoaster ride. Up and down it goes with unexpected corners while a hidden loop-the-loop could show up at any moment.
With dizzying speed Percossa takes its audience from one music style to the next.

Exciting rhythms from Africa but also disarming melodic themes. Impressive Japanese drumming but also hypnotising Minimal Music. Jazz, Funk, Dance. In short; everything that makes percussion so atractive. Percossa's musical force explodes to breathtaking proportions by its theatrical setting.

There are a lot of percussion groups in the world, there's only one Percossa. Percussion will never be the same.
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