Antti Kotikoski
* April 03, 1974
United States
Music group
In 1994, after studying the rudiments of guitar at the Tampere Conservatory and the Pop & Jazz Conservatory, Antti Kotikoski took a step that led to big things by enrolling at the Musicians' Institute in Hollywood.

After graduating from GIT less than two years later, Antti had already begun work on his debut album "Generator", a European group project he co-led with his Hollander colleague Richie Hallebeek.

The recording process cemented the duo's friendship with guitarist Scott Henderson who became one of the featured guests on the CD, alongside guitarist Frank Gambale, keyboardist Scott Kinsey and a few other Californian luminaries.

Ever since those days the young alpha male of Finnish jazzrock has called both Tampere and Los Angeles his home and continued denouncing the typical "L.A. fuzak" through his furnace-hot performances with various people like Henderson's Tribal Tech, Peter Erskine and Terri Lyne Carrington.

In 1998 Kotikoski co-founded the group Antti Kotikoski AK-47 with Richie Hallebeek. This brutal 21st century jazzrock team has toured in Finland in 1998, 1999 and 2000 and consists of keyboardist Timo Pratskin, bass/Stick player Jaan Wessman and drummer Harri Koskinen.

In his native Los Angeles, Antti is a member of the André Manga -led Dumazz Brothers, a group specializing in its Camerunian leader's compositions. Nowadays Kotikoski also teaches guitar at the Musicians' Institute. He and Hallebeek are working on their sophomore effort.

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