Spice Girls
United Kingdom
Music group
The Spice Girls formed in 1994, signed to Virgin Records in 1995, released their first single in July 1996 and by Christmas of that year had become major international stars.

In their 4 and a half year recording career they have established themselves as one of planet's hugest stars ever, selling 35m albums and over 25m singles worldwide. They have also starred in their own movie, Spiceworld (1997), and toured extensively in the real world, playing 103 shows throughout 1998.

Along the way they have transformed the entire landscape of pop, in particular re-shaping the way that girl groups are perceived. No cultural phenomenon of the late 20th century has been more extensively discussed and dissected - during which conversation each of the girls has nipped out to launch a successful solo career.

Early 2004 it has been more than three years, two babies, two weddings, three solo number ones, two solo number twos and two solo albums since they released their last Spice Girls CD. Time for the release of a "greatest hits" album...
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