Most drummers know that fine professional cymbals have been manufactured in Europe for generations and in Turkey for centuries. But only a few drummers are aware that fine professional cymbals have been made in China for more than two millennia. In fact, some historians credit the Chinese with inventing cymbals for use as musical instruments.

Essentially unchanged for thousands of years, the Wuhan production process starts with an ancient and carefully guarded metal formula. Then skilled craftsmen shape and tune every cymbal by hand. As a result, the Wuhan brand has become legendary for unique special-effects cymbals and gongs. Drummers from all musical genres especially prize the famous Wuhan Lion China-type cymbal. In terms of pure authenticity and unique sound, it is the standard by which all other China cymbals are measured.

That standard of quality and musicality is now available in a complete line of Western-style splashes, crashes, hi-hats, and ride cymbals. With innovative design input from Universal's product specialists, Wuhan's cymbal craftsmen have created a line of totally contemporary instruments backed by an unrivaled history. Wuhans are also backed by the most impressive guaranty in the business! If any cymbal breaks, for any reason, within one year of purchase, Universal will replace it-no questions asked.

Owing to their unique method of manufacture, Wuhan cymbals have a distinct and unmistakable character. Generally thinner than corresponding models from other manufacturers, Wuhan splashes, crashes, and hi-hats produce a breathy wash of overtones, creating a comfortable cushion of sound. Ride cymbals offer intensely complex musical tones and generous projection.

In keeping with the nature of fine handcrafted instruments, no two Wuhan cymbals of any given model sound exactly the same. Along with the immediately identifiable Wuhan character, each cymbal has it own subtle nuances. This diversity within each model provides plenty of selection, while keeping the overall line simple and easy to understand for drummers and dealers alike.

Best of all, this unique line of cymbals (and its equally unique guaranty) is available at prices that are much lower than those of any professional cymbal brand on the market. This means lower initial cost for you, and faster sell-through to your customers. But don't let those low prices fool you. When it comes to Wuhan cymbals, you-and your customers- don't get what you pay for...you get much more!