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S.N. Shure began his company's storied relationship with the products of personal sound by launching a one-man operation in 1925 that sold radio parts kits. Since then, Shure microphones and audio electronics have been the tools of choice for politicians, musicians, corporations, churches and broadcasters across the world. Anyone who considers sound to be an important part of his or her self-expression has probably used one of our microphones, phonograph needles or other professional audio products.

This success is and always has been due to our recognition that audio electronics are the means to self-expression for a diverse group of individuals worldwide. Without the desire of so many to have their unique voices heard, there would be no Shure Incorporated. Now, as we complete our 75th year, we re-dedicate ourselves to this notion of being the audio tool of choice for personal expression, reminding ourselves that Shure is synonymous with your sound.

While radio parts kits were the first items that Shure sold, it was the microphone that marked the company's entry into the field of manufacturing in 1932 and which remains Shure's flagship product for creating personal sound. Even in the firm's earliest designs, Shure products mirrored the classic style, durable needs and exceptional sounds of their users.

The Unidyne, Shure's first runaway success, was introduced in 1939 and was quickly adopted by the most popular and influential celebrities of the times -- from politicians like Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy to entertainers like Elvis Presley and Groucho Marx. To this day, the unmistakable look of the early Unidyne has made this mic somewhat of an icon that is frequently referred to as the Elvis Mic.

Not to be out-done by the vast musical changes of the 60s, Shure innovations continued to stay ahead of the times. In 1965, Shure once again set new standards for microphone performance and durability with its broadcast studio microphones (the SM series). Fortunately for Shure, young members of the Rolling Stones and The Who successfully field tested the SM58 in front of the world while creating their new sound. Its sister product, the sleek SM57, was soon chosen as the official podium microphone for the U.S. President, an honor it retains to this day. Amazingly, these microphones still remain the world's top sellers, over 30 years later.

After the success of the SM58, Shure continued to turn out high quality microphones and audio electronics. This time the designs were focused upon specific applications such as live performances and studio recording, as well as on presentation environments like churches and boardrooms.

In the world of live sound, the Beta series of microphones (1989) took the proven design philosophy of the SM58 and applied it to the special needs of the modern concert stage. Similarly, Shure's UHF wireless system (1996) has become the de facto standard for critical broadcast and performance situations where failure is not an option and great sound is essential. Other groundbreaking personal sound products include the PSM family of personal monitors (1997), a line of in-ear wireless stage monitoring systems that give performers control of how they hear themselves while aiding in hearing conservation. Other recent product innovations for professional installations include the DFR11EQ digital feedback reducer, the SCM810 automatic mixer and MicroFlex microphones to bring the same high quality to audiences in churches and hotel meeting rooms.