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* April 30, 1995
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biography Keith Sugaran Medina (April 30, 1995) is a gospel drummer from the Philippines.

His parents are the host pastors of River of Life Family Worship Center. Coming from a music-minded family, he obviously acquired his special skills from the bloodline of his parents. His father, Brendo, is a musician. He is a Bachelor of Music graduate and plays piano. He also conducts a choir. Keith’s mother, Lisa, is a keyboardist and also sings.

Keith finished high school in Panabo National High School in the Basic Education Curriculum program. He is now taking a degree in Entrepreneurship as a sophomore in Ateneo de Davao University.

As for Keith’s music education, he had a unique experience. He was enrolling at River of Life Music School, their church’s music school for him to learn basic drums. Unfortunately, Keith was left by his teacher Jaypee Mapoy because of working reasons and left for Malaysia. Keith continued to learn by ear and by observing various drummers throughout the city. He currently has no formal music education and continues to learn by ear. Keith is considered to be a prodigy.

He is still working with the Fresh Start Band up to today, and had 2 concert tours with them and has a gig every Friday with the band at Hang Out Center Plus. He is now a drums teacher and plays the drums during Sunday at River of Life. He plays Tama drums and uses Zildjian Drumsticks, and SABIAN cymbals. He also uses Gibraltar Hardware.

Keith's current set-up is a Tama Superstar with a Copper Mist finish. His set also has Sabian B8 cymbals.

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