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founded: 2002
We founded Masterwork cymbal company with Mustafa Er in January, 2002.

Previously I took drum lessons from Toon Royers in Sweelick Conservatorium Amsterdam. Beginning from 1982, I taught drums and percussion in four schools, as a faculty of World Music Schools. During school breaks, I played Jazz, Fusion, Salsa, Pop, Rock with different bands in South America, Tunisia, Morocco, France, Holland, Germany and many other countries. In 1994, I returned to Turkey and founded my own percussion school.

Since I had a great interest in cymbals, I began working in 'Turkish' cymbals company with Ycel Ulu, who produced wonderful cymbals.

It is him, who taught me the 'handmade' technique. I developed new models in my search for new tones. After working hours, I continued to teach in my school. My present partner Mustafa Er began taking drum courses from me, he was working in 'Istanbul' cymbals company. One day he asked me: We both know how to make cymbals, why don't we work together?

I found this suggestion wonderful and we founded Masterwork cymbals company. We produced cymbals with different tones by adding new techniques to the old ways. Our cymbals got positive criticisms from professional jazz and rock drummers and we continue our way with enthusiasm. We would like you to experience the difference. For the time being, we ship to Holland, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and Brazil. Your pleasure will make us proud.
- Yucel Uluc