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Mark Mironov
Mark Mironov was born in 1989 in St. Petersburg, Russia. He started playing drums at the age of 16, and in just a few years became known as one of Russia’s most promising metal-drummers.

Before he was 19 years of age, Mark Mironov managed to play on stage with such recognized metal bands as, Despised Icon, Bring Me The Horizon, Dillinger, Escape Plan, Bleeding Through, Carnifex, Suicide Silence, Bury Your Dead, Architects, and many others.

Mark Mironov is currently drumming with Betraying The Martyrs. revioulsy he was a member of the groups Jim Sunweed, Underbiz, Shade, My Autumn, Autoscan, Fail The Dream, and Anlyalea.

Factoid: Mark Mironov was the first Russian drummer to be listed on sickdrummer.com, the site dedicated to extreme drumming.
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