5 Drummerszone artists - Karl Brazil

Karl Brazil
United Kingdom
Karl Brazil is a young but very talented drummer who worked with Bitty McClean, Elton John, Lulu and Darius. He made several tv-appearances with artists like Kurt Neilson, Lari White, Fifi Dobson and Madison Taylor. In June 2003 Karl became part of the James Blunt band.

That's right: Karl Brazil is one of the youngest, busiest and hard working session drummers on the British circuit. He has learned from a very young age how to work with engineers, songwriters and more importantly in a band.

Karl Brazil also has a huge respect for the crafting of a song whether to treat it with sticks or brushes and how to feel arrangements - these qualities have carved his success as a young session musician - he's blessed with a gift. That's why we are pretty sure Karl Brazil will soon develop into one of the more sought after new-blood session drummers in the U.K. and beyond.