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Emily "Emz" Dolan Davies
* June 04, 1987
United Kingdom
Emily Dolan Davies (London, 1987) has always been brought up within a musical household, with both her and her sister being encouraged to take up an instrument, but as Emily comments "We were never bothered enough to commit ourselves". The first time she really became interested, was through a drum club that was starting at her school at age 11. She began with lessons with a tutor but soon realised that she was not being pushed enough and moved on to a new drum tutor who began to awaken her dormant talent. Emily: "It was during the 2 years between April 2000 and December 2002 I achieved my grade 8 award with honors. I had started playing the drums with my musical soulmate - Cherisse, and since we have been playing we have increased our ability and experience by going to countless blues jams, playing in every school show, playing in various bands and different venues such as the Rock Garden, Borderline & the London Astoria (ok, they were just sound checks but its all experience!)."

It was not until finding Nicky over the 'net and attending a rehearsal that Emily felt happy and finally settled after jumping from band to band for years. After joining Primacy in June 2002 she honestly claims this is the happiest she has been.

Emily Dolan Davies has also been fortunate enough to be able to study with some brilliant teachers, including Russ Miller and Zoro. She names Sheila E, Bernard Purdie, Brian Blade, Russ Miller, Dennis Chambers, Tony Royster Jr,Neil Peart, Zoro, Art Blakey, Billy Ashbaugh, Mark Mondaseir and Jerry Brown as her favorite drummers, but also Joey Jordison, Igor Cavalera, Dave Lombardo and Cherisse Osei as sources of musical inspiration.

In February 2004 Emily came third respectively in the Young Drummer of the Year competition. The contest was organised by MikeDolbear.com, a website dedicated to the drumming industry.

Emily's professional career began in 2008 playing with The Hours signed to Is Good Records and she spent 2 years touring around the world. Highlights of those 2 years include playing with Bono of U2, recording an album with The Hours (See The Light), produced by Flood (U2, Nine Inch Nails) collaborating with Damien Hirst on the artwork and shooting a video with Tony Kaye.

In 2010 Emily Dolan Davies got a call from Bryan Ferry to be part of his corporate band and also recorded on his album Olympia which she can be heard on. She can still be seen in various far-flung parts of the world in Bryan's corporate band.

In 2011 Emily Dolan Davies joined trip-hop artist Tricky on his his 'Mixed Race' world tour for a year followed by a UK tour and festival run with Cher Lloyd in 2012.

2013 has been spent touring with XFactor artist Janet Devlin around the UK promoting her album 'Hide and Seek' as well as with Jazz/Pop artist Emilia Mitiku promoting her album 'I Belong To You'.

2014 has brought her gigs playing with Becky Hill of 'The Voice' fame, a US tour with Thompson Twins Tom Bailey in August and joining The Darkness in October.
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