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Sean Reinert
* May 27, 0000
United States
Sean Reinert played drums in Cynic, Death and Aghora - bands that are typically liked and respected among musicians.

Reinert met Death's band leader and main man Chuck Schuldiner after a troublesome period for the latter. Between 1987 and 1989 several line-up changes had taken place in Chuck's band. The musicians did not form a very stable band: all members of Death decided to tour Europe, against the wishes of Chuck. Obviously this causes a hug rift between Chuck and his (former) band members, leading to rumors and outright lies circulated by Chuck's ex-bandmates.

Dissapointed with his previous band members Chuck hooks up with with Sean Reinert on drums, replacing Bill Andrews. With this new line-up Death starts recording "Human", their fourth album, in April 1991.

Sean Reinert was replaced on the 1993-album "Individual Thought Patterns", which featured Gene Hoglan on drums.

Actually Sean joined Aghora as a guest artist two weeks before the scheduled recording sessions in 1999.

Sean has also played in Gordian Knot, after he left Aghora where Richard Komatz is now reigning on the drumthrone on a more structural basis.

Sean Reinert's most recent project is called Aeon Spoke, where he joined Paul Masvidal (Cynic) again. In November of 2002, the band went into various recording studios including their own home studios and friend's closet spaces, to realise a debut album.