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Peter Wildoer
* September 05, 1974
Peter Wildoer is a Swedish mathematics/drum-teacher (at mega musik in Helsingborg), drummer in the bands Darkane and reformed Pestilence. He has also drummed for the bands Armageddon, Arch Enemy, Majestic, Soilwork and Time Requiem amongst others.

Peter Wildoer was drummer in Arch Enemy before he got replaced by Daniel Erlandsson. They also share another band: both played in Armageddon.

Peter Wildoer nowadays drums in Darkane. In fact, he's pretty busy with with a lot of bands and different projects. Time for a little peek into history to see where it al started...

Peter Wildoer was born in September 1974. At the age of four, he got his first toy-drum kit for Christmas. Four years later he got his first real drum kit.

When he was nine he started to play the recorder (flute) at "Kommunala musikskolan" (the municipal music school) just to learn how to read notes and one year later he could start taking drum lessons instead.

In 1986 Peter Wildoer joined a brass band, which played big band jazz, musicals and "rock", in which he stayed for eight years. The same year his grandmother gave him a new set of drums. When Peter was 14 he formed his first hard rock band. At that time he also started playing double bass drums.

A big experience for Peter Wildoer was to hear Dave Weckl's first solo cd "Master Plan" in 1990. That drumming was totally wild and he couldn't believe what he heard. Also the Death album "Human", featuring Sean Reinert on drums, made a big impact on him.

A bigger interest for jazz/fusion started taking form during the early nineties. In 1993 Peter Wildoer heard Trilok Gurtu playing with the John McLaughlin trio and was amazed by the mixing of drums and percussion. Mr Gurtu is still one of his biggest influences.

Later on that year Peter Wildoer joined a percussion ensemble where he started playing other drums than the drum kit, for example congas, djembe, darbouka etc. He also took tabla lessons during the first five months of 1996. Since then he has participated in two big music/theatre productions, playing percussions. In 1995/1996 Peter went to an afro/jazz/fusion school for one year where he learned to improvise more etc.

Peter Wildoer has recorded and played with several bands, mainly metal bands. The first CD called "Delusions" was recorded in 1993 in Germany with the band Agretator. Later Agretator recorded a self-financed five track CD called "Distorted Logic" in 1996. The same year Peter recorded with Swedish band Luc who plays in the vein of Bjrk.

In 1997 Peter Wildoer went into the studio to record "Crossing the Rubicon" with Armageddon and later that year Peter was asked to join Arch Enemy on a small European tour and for the first time travel to Japan to play three gigs! He also played on the Arch Enemy CD "Stigmata", released 1998.

In 1998 Peter formed Darkane together with guitarist/friend Christofer Malmstrm. They had been playing together since Peter's first band and also for seven years together in Agretator. Darkane have released two CD's, "Rusted Angel" (1999) and "Insanity" (2001).

In between these two cds Peter Wildoer also performed on Majestic's CD "Trinity Overture" in 2000. Together with Majestic Peter has toured both Europe and Japan. In 2001 Peter was voted number 28 most popular drummer in Japanese hard rock magazine Burrn!. This is the only really big hard rock magazine in Japan.

Since 1997 Peter Wildoer has frequently toured Europe, later mainly with Darkane and Majestic. He has been twice in Japan, and in 2001 he travelled together with Darkane for the first time to USA.

During 2001 Peter Wildoer recorded with Swedish hard rock band Silver Seraph and cartoon/fusion/jazz/metal project Electrocution 250. The drumming with Electrocution 250 is some of the most demanding drumming Peter has recorded to date. It ranges from metal double bass drum stuff, fusion drumming/soloing through "cartoon" music in the style of old Tom & Jerry movies. You could sum it up in one word: crazy!

Electrocution 250 features Swedish keyboard wizard Lale Larson and American guitar great Todd Duane. Peter is also working with Lale in fusion band Ominox. Peter has recorded with Lale before on his musical piece "Seven deadly sins", which will be performed live for the first time in October 2002. A journey that takes you through jazz, chamber music, avant-garde, metal band with trumpet etc, a truely unique musical experiense performed by 15 musicians. Live CD will most likely surface early 2003. Electrocution 250 will be released sometime in 2003.

In January 2002 Peter Wildoer entered the studio to lay down some serious wild drumming for Time Requiem, the new band from Richard Andersson which features musicians from Majestic. It shows some of the most tricky metal drumming Peter has recorded so far. In February, one month later, it was time for Peter to go back to the studio to assault his drums for Darkane again. Their third CD 'Expanding senses' was released in August 2002. It's the most song orientated CD from Darkane so far and the drum sound is huge! Time Requiem's selftitled debut CD will be released in October 2002.

In October 2002 Peter Wildoer and guitarist Christofer Malmstrm of Darkane participated in a very cool project called 'Seven Deadly Pieces - A Concert for Chamber Orchestra and Thrash Metal Band', composed by Lale Larson.

During early 2003 Peter Wildoer went for the fourth time to Japan with Time Requiem, played in the US for the second time with Darkane, and went on tour with Darkane supporting Testament among others. There were also some festival gigs during the summer.

Peter Wildoer is also frequently performing clinics in Sweden. He has been doing that since 1997. The clinics are always well received by the audience since the clinics ranges from metal via jazz to fusion/latin. He's always performing with music on backing tracks so you get the concept in a musical situation.

As you can see Peter Wildoer is busy with a lot of bands and different projects. Be sure to go and see some of the above mentioned bands live to catch Peter's wild drumming!