Fredrik Thordendal
* February 11, 1970
Solo Artist
Fredrik Thordendal is best known as lead guitarist and a founding member of the Swedish experimental metal band Meshuggah.

Under the name Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects, Thordendal released a solo album in 1997 titled 'Sol Niger Within'. The album was remixed and re-released by Ultimate Audio Entertainment and Relapse Records in 1999 under the title 'Sol Niger Within version 3.33'. The re-release contains two bonus tracks but omits several parts of the original version. Thordendal also featured on several tracks for Morgan Ågren's Mats/Morgan Band.

As a guitarist, Fredrik Thordendal draws attention with his clean, jazz-influenced lead-playing and complex rhythm-playing, augmented by his use of low-tuned eight-string guitars. Most notable is the similarity between his solos and those of renowned jazz guitarist Allan Holdsworth. He also contributes to the songwriting for Meshuggah, as well as providing backing vocals in live performances.

Fredrik Thordendal has also produced all of Meshuggah's recent material and releases for various other bands, Switzerland's Fragment among them.

Fredrik Thordendal was featured in numerous side-projects, such as XXX Atomic Toejam with Petter Marklund. (also known as XXX Atomic Toejam). A full-length album was long announced, but never surfaced.

Thordendal also played bass for Petter Marklund's solo project Memorandum and together with Marklund remixed tracks on the 1995 compilation album "Ars Moriendi".

Fredrik Thordendal is featured in the Darkane track Psychic Pain from the album 'Insanity', performing lead guitar. Thordendal also contributed to the song Asphyxiate which can be found on Scarve's album 'Irradiant'.
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