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Randy Castillo
* December 18, 1950 † March 26, 2002
United States
Randy Castillo was born on December 18, 1950, in Albuquerque, New Mexico as the son of a mariachi musician and a homemaker. He started drumming in his elementary school marching band and soon discovered he had a gift. His family tells the story of how jazz legend Buddy Rich once humored him by letting the kid play his kit. "Buddy Rich whistled and said, 'Wow, your kid has an incredible right foot', according to the legend.

Later Castillo joined his first band with his father, playing this time the trumpet at local weddings & parties.
Soon Randy realized that only lead singers, guitarist & drummers picked up chicks. So it was time for a change.

He joined a local James Brown type R 'n B band and started playing drums again.After a short time playing R 'n B, Randy found his true calling.... Rock 'n Roll.

Randy joined his first rock band, the "Wumblies", he hit the road in the late 70's touring from New York to Chicago to LA. By the early 80's, he knew for him to make it big, he had to move to LA.

In 1981 Randy moved to LA & joined the "Motels". He hit the road for his first major tour playing in arena's opening for the "Cars". In the mid 80's, Randy joined forces with Lita Ford & recorded the "Dancin' on the Edge" album. He also was introduced to Nikki Sixx (Lita's boyfriend at the time) & Tommy Lee. They all quickly became friends.

After the "Dancin' on the Edge" tour, Randy moved back to his home state and got into snow skiing to kill some time. Tragically Randy broke is right leg. Soon after, out of the blue, Tommy Lee called from a party with Ozzy Osbourne and tols Randy that Ozzy needed a new drummer.

The next day Randy and his broken right leg were on a plane to meet Ozzy.
Things did not work out at the audition but Randy and Ozzy do hit it off. Two months later, Randy got a call from Ozzy asking how his leg is doing. Randy told him that it's never been better. On the spot, Ozzy asked him to join his band. For the next 10 years Randy would play with Ozzy Osbourne.

After Tommy Lee left the band in 1999 to concentrate on his new outfit Methods Of Mayhem, he was replaced by Randy Castillo.

Castillo debuted on the Cre album "New Tattoo" (2000).

Tragically Castillo was diagnosed with cancer (squamous cell carcinoma ) in May 2000. In an interview with metal-sludge.com (2000) Cartillo explained how his disease was discovered:
"Around the beginning of last august I was shaving when I noticed a small painless lump under my right jaw line. I wrote it off figuring it was the beginning of a cyst or something. Wrong...a month later it was the size of a ping pong ball! I finally stopped my denial & went & had it checked out. It was "the big C" alright. "Squamous Cell Carcinoma" to be exact & it was mean & aggressive. There is nothing like the wave of emotion that hits you when you get told "You have cancer"."
The future of Mtley Cre was put on hold after Castillo's untimely death on March 26th, 2002. He died at age 51.