5 Drummerszone artists - Adam "Atom" Willard

Adam "Atom" Willard
* August 15, 1973
United States
Adam "Atom" Willard played in Rocket From The Crypt for ten years. After his departue, he was followed up by Mario Rubalcaba a.k.a. Ruby Mars. Willard is also featured on Melissa auf der Maur's debut album.

Early 2003 Willand joined punkrock outfit The Offspring, after Ron Welty had left. Adam Willard has been playing drums since he was four years olf. Other bands he played in and with are Moth, Alkaline Trio, The Special Goodness and American HiFi.

To warm up before a show he does a lot of stretching and "Some lame marching band warm-ups I half remember. Try to get my blood moving." Asked about his favorite drummers or influences, WIllard answers:
"I can get something off just about anybody. I like watching guys that are smooth. If it looks hard or like its not fun, that bums me out. Taylor Hawkins is fun to watch. Dave Grohl on "Songs for the Deaf" is tops. Brendan Canty of Fugazi. Brit Walford of Slint."

Adam "Atom" Willard is mentioned as "Drum God" in Weezer's Green Album. This is because he was Patrick Wilson's drum tech in the post-Pinkerton and Green Album eras.

Atom also sidelined playing drums throughout the early 90's starting out in "Crankshaft" with Davin Newbacher and Tod Swank and in the underground skater band "Custom Floor" with pro skater Garry Davis on guitar and pro skater Phil Esbenshade on bass.