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Rob Bourdon
* January 20, 1979
United States
Rob Bourdon plays in Linkin Park. Their official debut album "Hybrid Theory" became a worldwide success.

Their sophomore album "Meteora" (2003, not counting the 2002 remix album "Reanimation") was eagerly waited for by many. In an interview with Shoutweb Rob Bourbon explains how he worked inside the studio for their second album: "Before we enter the studio is when all the pressure is on me to get everything up to speed or up to where it needs to be for the actual recording. Probably about three months before we started recording I was working on my parts and working on the parts and getting all that stuff together."

Rob Bourdon also used a drum tech during his studio efforts. Rob continues: "It's actually someone who is a specialist in tuning. His name is Ross. He's from the Drum Doctors. That's the name of the company. He has a whole, big collection of drum kits and if you kind of have an idea for the sound you want on the record. We talked before and talked about the kind of sound we wanted to get. He comes in and just brings whatever kits he thinks are great for the project. He brings a whole bunch of different snare drums and a whole bunch of different cymbals. I had a lot of time to experiment with all of these different sounds. He's great at tuning the drums and getting them exactly to sound perfect. He's the guy that can go in. When you record drums a lot of times after hitting the snare drum a bunch of times, it starts to change the pitch so he would have to go in and change the head real fast in between takes and then tune it up to match exactly where it was on the first half of the song. There is a guy who is awesome at that. I've never seen anybody tune drums like he does." Soon after the release of "Meteora" the band started a worldwide tour including Europe, Japan and Australia, playing many concerts with legendary Metallica.
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