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Keio Stroud
* September 22, 1980
United States
Keio Stroud (Athens, Ga, 1980) is known as drummer with Wade Hayes, Brian Mccomas, Rodney Crowell and The outsiders among others. He started playing drums in 1986.

Keio Stroud recalls: "I grew up playing drums in church with my dad and grand dad. My dad plays guitar and produces Gospell music and my grand toured with Gladis Knight."

In 1999 Keio Stroud graduated high school and attended UGA. He moved to Nashville in 2001. That year Keio toured with Tyrone Smith Revue, Wooten Brothers, Stacy Mitchart, Eric Heatherly.

In 2002 Keio Stroud toured with Eric Heatherly, McHayes, and did some demo sessions.

The next year Keio Stroud toured with Wade Hayes (10 top 10 hits country), and with Eric Heatherly, Mark Mcguin (1 # country) and the BB King Allstars (Nashville) in 2003.

2004 saw Keio Stroud playing and touring with Wade Hayes, Mark McGuinn and Everlife (Disney), and doing sessions for Universal South.

In 2005 Stoud worked with Nashville Star Everlife (Disney Mania 3).