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Chad Sexton
* September 07, 1970
United States
Chad Ronald Sexton (Lexington, Kentucky, 1970) is drummer an co-founder of the band 311. He grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and went to Westside High School with fellow band members Nick Hexum and Tim Mahoney.

Chad Sexton is noted as a very successful and talented drummer, and is probably best known for his drum solo on the song Applied Science, which is often played much longer in live shows, notably on 311's Live! album. During more recent shows, the entire band joins in the "solo," by playing larger drums and cymbals brought out for that song only. This part of the show has been known to last up to five or more minutes by itself.

Prior to joining the band he drummed with the Sky Ryders drum corps in Hutchinson, Kansas and the Railmen drum corps in Omaha, Nebraska.

In 2006, he opened Chad Sexton's Drum City, a music store in North Hollywood, California that specializes in gear, tour supplies, drum lessons, repairs and sales.

Chad Sexton has also mixed records for up-and-coming bands such as The Rivalry, Agents Of The Sun, and rap-rock veterans Shootyz Groove.
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