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Philip Selway
* May 23, 1967
United Kingdom
Phillip James Selway was born on May 23, 1967. Trying to make a living as a drummer in pit bands for touring musicals, sub-editor and English language teacher, he has become more famous as the drummer in Radiohead.

Apart from his regular band duties, Phil also occasionally sings backing vocals during their live performances, especially notable on "There There" and since the album Kid A he has also contributed drum machine programming. His ultra-precise timing and varied drumming helps to give the band its distinct sound. He is the oldest member of Radiohead. Before Radiohead became successful, Phil studied English and history at Liverpool Polytechnic (now Liverpool John Moores University). Before that he had worked for various touring musicians and worked as an English teacher as well. In the very early '90s, Phil left Radiohead's early lineup (then called Shindig or On a Friday) to move to Ireland, and only returned to the band when a relationship fell apart.

Unlike bandmates Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, Phil has not had much involvement with projects outside of Radiohead. Nevertheless, in recent years he has taken a more active role in collaborating with other artists. He has been associated with emotional support group Samaritans as a listening volunteer since 1991. Phil also performed with the band Dive Dive in March 2005 and appeared in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as a member of the band "The Weird Sisters" along with Radiohead bandmate Jonny Greenwood and Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker. Phil also appears on the Neil Finn concert album "7 Worlds Collide". In an interview with newspaper The Scotsman, Scottish producer John McCusker said he's going to produce an album with Selway later in 2007.
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