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Raul Rekow
* May 15, 1954 † November 01, 2015
United States
Raul Rekow played percussion with Carlos Santana, alongside Karl Perazzo and percussionist Dennis Chambers. Raul Rekow also worked with Jason Mraz, Brenda Russel, Herbie Hancock and Congarilla among others.

As a Conguero for Carlos Santana's band from 1976 - 2013, Raul Rekow participated in the groundbreaking melding of Latin, Rock and Funk styles that characterizes the band's music. Rekow added his pulsating and colorful rhythms to the Santana sound that captivated audiences on five continents.

Initially self-taught, Raul Rekow learned Afro-Cuban percussion from fellow Santana veterans Armando Peraza and Orestes Vilato. He passes on that knowledge at LP sponsored clinics along with fellow Santana timbalero andLP artist Karl Perazzo. When they perform together, the duo feeds off of each other's energy and talent, resulting in a kinetic performance whether live in a clinic or on their best-selling instructional video From Afro-Cuban to Rock. Their presentations have become immensely popular because of the combination of top-notch expertise and an easy going sense of humor.

Raul Rekow has also recorded and performed with Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Whitney Houston, Tremaine Hawkins, Herbie Hancock and others.

Raul Rekow teamed up with LP to create the LP Raul Rekow Signature Congas and Bongos.