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Anup Sastry
United States
Maryland-based drummer Anup Sastry plays with American guitarist Jeff Loomis (formerly of Nevermore), Indian band Skyharbor, and Canadian outfit Intervals. Anup Sastry has also toured with Chimp Spanner, the project by Paul Ortiz.

Anup Sastry first started drumming when he was about 11 years old. Anup: "I remember I used to play the clarinet in the middle school concert band. My best friend at the time played drums. I remember him playing a really simple beat one day in band, and it completely blew my mind away hahaha! And thats when I started playing drums! Some of my influences are Tony Royster Jr., Eric Moore, Travis Orbin, Jojo Mayer, Chris Coleman, and Matt Halpern. I could sit here listing off a whole bunch of drummers, but these are just a few that for sure had something to do in the way I approach a drum kit today."
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