Chimp Spanner
United Kingdom
Chimp Spanner is an instrumental progressive metal project Paul Antonio Ortiz has been working on for the past few years. The idea has always been to bring together all the music he loves into one package, from low tuned tech metal and dark seedy fusion, to warbly 80's ambient electro and cheesy feel-good euphoria.

Paul Antonio Ortiz is an Essex, UK-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. He mainly plays extended range guitars (7 and 8 string) but he also plays bass, keyboards and drums on all of his tracks. All recording, mixing and production is done from his home studio.

Chimp Spanner's first full length release, 'At the Dream's Edge' (2010 Basick Records) brings all of this together to create a sound that's new, yet familiar. Angular and jarring, yet ambient and evocative. It's soundtrack metal, progressive retro-futurism, a polymetric space opera, music for hover-boarding championships... but most people just say it's kinda 'chimpy'.
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