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Boris Le Gal
France, United Kingdom
Boris "Borndrummer" Le Gal is a French guy living in London, UK. He has played with several projects from metal bands to pop bands to symphonic orchestras. He has played more than 300 live shows all around Europe.

Boris started by learning himself to play the drums for five years, then Boris took some jazz lessons with Stephan Glory in France in a Dante Agostini's school for four years. Next, Boris studied the drums at Drumtech in the Master Performance Course in London in 2008-2009 with legendary drum teacher Darryn Farrugia.

Boris Le Gal has played with Neonfly, 101% Pantera, Cyclamen, Aliases, Bumbklaat, R.A.Z., Dead Seed, Achilla, Hellbent & Hammered, Sylence Johnson, Enkelination, C.H.A.M. Orchestra, St Nazaire orchestra. He is currently drumming with Chimp Spanner.
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