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Lee Moloney
From as early as he can remember Lee Moloney has been bashing on things! Starting with all the cake tins in the kitchen and cushions from the family lounge setting, Lee would set them up them up in front of the TV and pound away with wooden spoons while watching Countdown. Eventually when Lees sisters realized it was more then a fad, they bought him his first kit.

At age 7 Lee Moloney began playing along to his brothers albums including Manfred Man, Dire Straits, ACDC and Brian Ferry later influenced by his sisters album collection, which included the Bee Gee's and the Jackson Five. The next step for Lee was to begin studying the instrument to further his craft. He began lessons with Merrick McCallum at a school in Grafton on the North Coast, studying rudiments and composition for 5 years. Lee fondly remembers traveling for an hour to every lesson; It was an unforgettable experience, even at that age - I still have his exercises and the paradiddles he wrote for me.

Lee Moloney played in various cover bands on the North Cost for the next 5 years before packing up his drums and moving to Sydney. Working the scene in various Sydney bands, Lee met Ghost Writers guitarist Andrew Dickson. Andrew introduced Lee to Rob Hirst and while still on the road with Midnight Oil, Rob recruited Lee to fill in with the band;
Rob has probably taught me the most about not only drums and drum sounds, but tricks to getting the sounds youre after in the studio and live. He helped me figure out how drum parts relate to song structure...I was so lucky to be able to tap into all that wealth of experience when I needed and I'm forever grateful

Lee Moloney has worked with a long list of talented artists including Alex Lloyd, Shannon Noll, Darryl Braithwaite, Jimmy Barnes, EJ Barnes, Beau Young, Carmen D Smith, The Whitlams, Shane Nicholson, Rick Price, The Hands, Lavaland, Bridgette Handley, Song Zu, Paul Greene, Tiffani Wood, Diesel and Rob Hirst's Ghostwriters which included a performance at Live Earth 2007.

In 2004 Lee Moloney also began work on his own original project, The Lost Gospel,fronted by Grinspoon singer, Phil Jamieson. Currently Lee is playing with Diesel.
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