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Chris Wabich
United States
Chris Wabich is known around Los Angeles as a versatile and original voice on percussion and drumset. Recently chris played Frank Zappa's 'Joe's Garage', a stage production of the album, produced by Gail Zappa.

Chris Wabich was music director for "Both", a production of beatles music, and "The Existents" by Ty Taylor (rock star INXS). He founded the trio Paris Troika. His upcoming projects include discs with Bernard Woma, explosive singer J'nae, and jazz legend Mark Murphy.

Chris Wabich has collaborated with Dimitris Wahlis as duo Wahid for over 15 years in world music and jazz contexts.

Chris Wabich has recorded with Ludacris, Sting, Stanley Jordan, Brian Bromberg, Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy Haslip, Lalo Shfrin, Sheila E., Mark Murphy, Alex Acuna, Larry Koonse, Bad Haggis, Turkish superstar Omar Faruk, Mamak Khadem, Boogsie Sharpe, Prog Rock legends Kevin Ayers (Soft Machine), Mike Hoffman (Tony Williams Lifetime), Richard Sinclair (Caravan) and with famous poet Leonard Cohen.

Chris Wabich's recording credits also include TV shows Malcolm in the Middle, American Idol and Better Homes and Gardens, plus films Wild California, Sting's Dolphins, and Lalo Shifrin's After the Sunset.
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