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Nené Vásquez
* February 28, 1967
Venezuela, Germany
Nen Vsquez is a full-blood musician, who learned the art of percussion at the school of music in Caracas, Venezuela at the tender age of eight years. He has been a percussionist with body and soul ever since.

In the course of Nen's career he has worked with artists such as Aterciopelados, Celia Cruz, Shakira, Molotov and Estefano (composer for Gloria Estefan).

Nen Vsquez has also teached at the university of Bogota, and given numerous workshops.

In 1998-99 Nen Vsquez was named Percussionist of the Year in his homeland Venezuela, and nominated as Best International Musician in Colombia in 2003 for his cooperation with Sonorama.

Facebook bio:
At the age of 12 his career initiates in the local group Folklrico Experimental Naza, performing at El Nazareno in Casalta 2. Traditional rhythms like Parranda, Golpe Tocuyano and Fulia lead him to Gaitas, music typical from the region of Zulia. At the University Central de Venezuela he stages the musical History of Salsa. Appearances with various groups and artists help to tap new musical horizons: Grupo Madera, Catatumbo, Diveana, Alicia Plaza, Hely Orsini/Los Caoneros. With Criollo y Sabroso starts a new area of performances and recordings in his home country, surfacing his real vocation: multi-percussion

From here he samples new experiences with innumerable
native musicians and orchestras like
Shakira, Batik, Edy Martinez, Yambao, Colombia All Stars,
Cheo Feliciano, Marcelo Cezn, Charlie Zaa
Carolina Sabino, Jos Gaviria, Alfredo de la F, Magenta, Pacho Galn.
Based in Bogot he carries out percussion workshops in 20 schools around the country. He gives lectures at the Universities Central de Bogot, Barranqilla y Manizales and Uninnca. He realizes two theatre performances La Casita del Placer and Crecencio. Invitations follow from the Foundation Batuta of Bogot to participate in concert and from Richie Gajate for a Lp percussion workshop

More than 2 world tours follow with Aterciopelados
Nominated best rock band of Colombia and Latin America.
Nominated twice of the Grammy 1997
Nominated twice and winner of the Grammy Latino 2001.
Appearance in Unplugged MTV in Miami and singled out by The Rolling Stones magazine as one of the best 10 live bands in the world.
While touring in Argentina he records a CD with Cachorro Lpez.
He formes his own latin-jazz band Casalta 2

You find him live on stage with
Caballeros de la Quema, Illya Kuryaky, Desorden Pblico, Mata Rica, King Chango, Fabulosos Cadillac, Guaco, Todos estrellas, Gran Coquivacoa, Los Pericos and many more..


With Watcha Tour he complemented bands like
Molotov, Enanitos Verdes and Aterciopelados.
Multiple festivals and recordings take him to Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Germany, Spain
and the United States of America.


Based in Germany he records his first album titled Abrindome los Caminos
In Europe new perspectives open up.


Cheo Feliciano guest appearance in Rome
Celia Cruz private concert for the Royalties in Monte Carlo
Sebastian Schunke progressive Euro-Latin music performed on tour in Colombia, Venezuela, Laos, Turkey, Africa and Germany
Brazilectro Sound system :tours in Italy, Spain, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland and Portugal .
Kimbiza concerts in Germany and Netherlands
Freak Experience electronic music
A Florida Enchantment Movie shot with live music around Germany
Hanover Big Band Germany
Tango trifft klezmer concerts conducted by violinist Anton Sjarov
The Screenclub Concert in Germany
Mo Horizons Sound system: tour Russia, Pollen, Ukraine Azerbayen, Spain, Italy , Bulgarian, Turkye
Sonora 51 - Jazz band Hamburg
Marquess Tour Germany
Ritmo del Mundo Live percussion tour Germany
HR Big Band - Germany
Tania Maria in Germany
Luigi Texidor and Frankie Vazquez in Athenas

With the band of Sebastian Schunke he is invited to accompany
the German President Mr. Helmut Khler
to Cotonu-Africa for private concerts.