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Nené Vásquez and Stephan Emig have been doing clinics together for Sonor Drums since 2006. Their performances contain grooves for drums & percussion in traditional salsa music as well as in pop/rock, house and lounge-music.

Nené Vásquez from Venezuela has worked with Shakira, Celia Cruz, Aterciopelados, Roachford and Mousse T. He demonstrates the authentic playing techniques for Conga, Bongo, Timbale and small percussion, how to practice these instruments, and how to create solo ideas.

Stephan Emig, drummer with Triosence and Hamid Baroudi and long-time clinician for Sonor Drums, explains how to bring these grooves and sounds to the drumset and why percussion in general is a major source of inspiration for every drummer in any style.
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