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Jamie Postones
* April 05, 1984
United Kingdom
Jamie Postones, also known as Jay Postones, plays drums in UK-based bands TesseracT and Heights. He joined studio project TesseracT as a follow up for Textures sticksman Stef Broks. Previously Postones played in Arija.

Born on April 5, 1984 in Birmingham, England Jamie Postones started playing drums at age 13. Recalls Jamie: As long as I can remember Ive always wanted to be a drummer - banging around on pots and pans in the kitchen as a child (which earned me the nickname sticks), eventually playing in bands in school and then gigging bands outside of school leading right up to the present day playing with TesseracT.

Ive played for a variety of different bands, from wind and jazz orchestras to blues and tribute bands but have always preferred to play more challenging music, which has inevitably resulted in the breaking up
of a few bands over the years. Playing a variety of styles has definitely opened my mind to the possibility of mixing genres which is where, I
think, some of the best music in the world is born and therein, some of the most amazing players.

My approach to playing and learning new music with TesseracT is very different from traditional methods, which is mainly thanks to the wonder of modern technology. Im sent any new tracks via email (as are the rest of the band) which I learn by listening to the track either in my car, around the house or on my headphones at work places where Im not really focusing too much on the music. After a while I stop thinking about the complexities in the track, realise the groove, what I need to play and thats it. When we come together as a band to rehearse for a show, weve all learnt our parts so instead of having get together to write, learn and practice, we focus on polishing the material and positioning it in the set in the place it works best.

Jamie Postones joined TesseracT in 2006. The band are going from strength to strength, appearing at festivals and select European shows throughout 2008. TesseracT are playing Metal Hammer Magazines Hammerfest festival in April 2009 as well as a string of European shows, a UK tour in July (TBA) and more later in the year to support the release of the debut album.

Rehearsal studios
Jamie Postones runs The Rhoom Rehearsal Studios in Reading, Berkshire 3 professionally equipped rehearsal studios for bands and musicians. www.therhoom.co.uk for more information

Jamie Postones names Steve Gadd, Tomas Haake, Morgan Agren, Stef Broks, Dennis Chambers and Tony Royster Jr, as well as Steely Dan, Meshuggah, Sol Niger, and Dillinger Escape Plan as musical sources of inspiration.
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