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Romain Goulon
Romain Goulon is probably best known as drummer in French death/thrash group Agressor. He also plays with Arsebreed, and Disavowed. Romain Goulon's biography, in his own words:

"I was born in Cannes in 1981 in the French southern. When I was twelve, I decided to learn drums, so my parents inscribed me at the Cannes Musical conservatoire in 1993, soon I played with musicians in rock bands, with some grunge and metal influences. My first date was in a small pub in 1994 . It was the time with Metallica, Nirvana, Gun's Roses...

I had been improving my playing with two drums teachers, and too tonic solfa in a collective lesson every week during eight years.

Later, in 1996, I joined my first serious band, named Leek Eyes,we recorded a demo in 1997 and used to play shows.

We created Disharmony in 2000 with the ex guitar player and a new line up.

In 2001, I joined Imperial Sodomy after the band had recorded their first full length album, and I started playing more shows, bigger gigs like festivals and other gigs in France and even in Netherlands and Belgium , we made our first tour for one week.

In 2003, we wrote the second Imperial Sodomy's album, then in october 2004 Demolished was out for an international release on Diamond productions, it was my first official recording. (Imperial Sodomy : (Demolished/2004/Diamond Productions)

In 2003, I also joined Agressor, one of the first european death metal band created in 1986,

I recorded drums in July 2004 for the next album which was out in november 2006 on Season of Mist, my second official recording. (Agressor : Deathreat/2006/SOM)

In 2003, I joined Belef, the first full lenght album had been recorded in 2002, and released on February 2005 on the famous extreme metal english label Candlelight records, so I don't feature on this album, but of course on the next one ! This band is only a studio purpose, not a live band, we will work on the new album later.(2007)

In 2003, we also finished the composition of the first Disharmony 's album then we recorded it in 2004 and the old songs were left. So this album is one instrumental song during about 45 minutes with influences from metal progressive bands like Dream theater, Liquid Tension, Andromeda, and guitar heroes 80's school like Cacophony and many others

Unfortunatly, this album was not officially released since the guitar player who composed, decided to stop... (Disharmony :Reversed Involution/2004/Autoproduction)

On summer 2005,I decided to leave Imperial Sodomy for personal reasons.

In 2006, I joined Dutch band Arsebreed (featuring Disavowed and Pyaemia members) who have just released their first album "Munching the rotten" in october 2005 on Neurotic records. I don't feature on the recording but on the next one.

In the same time, Disavowed asked me to join them , we recorded the new album that will be released in february 2007 with tours in the entire world."

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