Meinl 14" Heavy Hammered Hihat demo by The Orlando Drummer A heavy but highly articulated cut-through Hihat Meinl 14\ Literally Heavy, is how The Orlando Drummer describes the new 14" Heavy Hammered Hihats from Meinl. This is a Hihat that has serious explosion and very good articulation that cuts through on any level. Primarily you think it would be used for Rock, Metal, Prog Rock and any other harder genre. Meinl also gives the use for music styles like Pop, Fusion, Funk, R&B, Reggae, and of course for use in the studio if you are looking for that type of sound.

The Brilliant cymbals actually are very reflective because they are polished up to six times to get that high gloss finish. It is Meinl's way to create this unique appearance of of the Brilliant cymbals. Check out all the specs below the video and more Meinl products that the company launched for 2018.

Meinl's 14" Heavy Hammered Hihat demoed by The Orlando Drummer
We added the studio sound of the official Meinl product video at the end as well.

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Official specs Byzance Brilliant 18" Heavy Hammered Crash
  • Size: 14"
  • Type: Hihat
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Material: B20
  • Finish: Brilliant
  • Production Method: Hand Hammered
  • Lathe: Narrow Blade
  • Made In: Turkey
  • Timbre: Mid-Bright
  • Character: Brilliant, Rich
  • Pitch: High-Mid
  • Volume: Medium to High
  • Sustain: Medium
  • Styles: Rock, Pop, Fusion, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Studio
  • Price-range: High
  • UPC: 840553018837
  • SKU: B14HHH-B

The Orlando Drummer
The Orlando Drummer - Adam Tuminaro
We asked Orlando Drummer Adam Tuminaro to host our Meinl Cymbals videos at NAMM 2018, and he did a perfect job: in twelve videos, he takes you through all the new from Meinl that the company officially launched during annual the trade show in California. This is the eight Meinl cymbals video Adam hosted.

Adam Tuminaro is a drum teacher from Baltimore, MD and has over 80 hours of drum lessons on his website is a growing collection of educational videos for drummers. You'll find hundreds of Adam's Lessons, Practice Loops, Interviews, and other videos. A new Lesson and Loop are added to the website every Saturday.

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