The ddrum DIOS Series are back A video tour from the NAMM Show floor The ddrum DIOS Series are back - A video tour from the NAMM Show floor This year at the Winter NAMM Show, ddrum brought back its flagship Maple Series: The DIOS. The vintage style series were discontinued in 2012, because ddrum customers didn't quite pick up on this line of drums. These drums have the larger kick drums (24") and with this ddrum goes back to its roots in bigger sized drums with the DIOS. There are also other, smaller configurations available and the DIOS has four finishes that you can choose from.

Felix DeLuna, ddrum's director of marketing and artist relations, shows you the new DIOS line with all the specs and finishes.

The drums are made from North-American maple shells and have bullet tube lugs. The new DIOS series have ddrum's FixPitch mounting system and the bass drums have the brand's Resolifts for added support and decoupling from the floor.

The snare drums
You can order a matching snare drum with the finish you choose, in two different sizes: 14x6.5 and 7x13. But the DIOS series officially come with three of ddrum's specialties (check the images with this article):
  • Hammered Bronze (Bronze shell)
  • Zebra (North American Maple shell)
  • Cast Chrome (Cast Steel shell)
ddrum DIOS Maple Series

The DIOS configurations
Starting point for buying the DIOS are the bass drum configurations. The three different sizes are: 20", 22", and 24".

DIOS Configuration #1
  • bass drum: 20x22
  • rack toms: 7x10, 8x12
  • floor tom: 14x14, 14x16
  • street price: $1,599
DIOS Configuration #2
  • bass drum: 20x20
  • rack toms: 8x12
  • floor tom: 14x14
  • street price: $1,149
DIOS Configuration #3
  • bass drum: 20x24
  • rack toms: 9x13
  • floor tom: 14x16
  • street price: $1,249
The ddrum DIOS Series configurations
The ddrum DIOS finishes
  • Satin Gold
  • Emerald Green Sparkle
  • Satin Black
  • Red Cherry Sparkle
The ddrum DIOS features
  • FixPitch mount
  • Reso lifts
  • Protective Rubber Claw hooks
  • Thin Maple shells
  • 30/45 bearing edge
  • 20 inch deep kick drum
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Classic bullet tube lug
  • 2.3 mm Hoops
  • ddrum by Evans heads included: G2 Batter, G1 Resonant. EQ4 Bass drum.
  • 3 configurations
  • 2 snare sizes
  • Add on and individual drums available

Ddrum Dios Maple 5 piece drum set in Satin Gold

Dios Maple in Emerald Green Sparkle
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