Successful 2009 vault tour for Sabian Symbal compny enhances the interaction Successful 2009 vault tour for Sabian Sabian has just completed its 2009 Vault Tour. Held in 21 cities throughout Canada and the US from September 25th through October 21st, consumers had the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind cymbals made onsite, witness demonstrations of hand hammering and cymbal lathing and meet key Sabian personnel.

Enhancing the interaction between Sabian and drummers, this year the Vault Tour featured an innovative, online component to engage consumers in the experience. The Vault Tour micro site hosted information on the logistics of the tour, as well as images and commentary on what was happening behind-the-scenes at each event.

Sabian offered daily contests through social media outlets such as Twitter. Close to $15,000 in merchandise was awarded. One of the contests that generated a large amount of user interest was the Sabian Vault Tour Prototype contest, which provided the winner with seven custom cymbals of their choice. Mike Briotta of Springfield, Massachusetts was thrilled to win this prize and said:
"It’s a testament to how cool Sabian is because they didn’t just send me a stock cymbal setup. This was a true custom setup, something all drummers dream about. Sabian has a passion for creating new sounds, and they worked with me on unique sizes and styles: an ozone-inspired HHX china cymbal and a Manhattan Jazz splash. When Sabian says “dream setup,” they really mean it!”

Dealers also enjoyed having Sabian personnel on site, and were able to connect with their customers in a new way. Dave Hamilton from Just Drums in Toronto, Ontario said:

"We had an amazing connection with all our customers during the event. Having the opportunity to touch and hear a one-of-a-kind instrument is a rare treat and those who took advantage of the expertise from the Sabian craftsmen will remember their words of advice forever.”

Sabian Vault Tour activities included

  • Cymbal Selection Advice – Attendees created their ideal arrangement by working one-on-one with Sabian specialists, including Master Specialist Mark Love.
  • Hand Hammering Demonstrations – Using traditional methods, Sabian artisans hand hammered cymbals to show how they create the vintage Hand Hammered tone.
  • Cymbal Lathing Demonstrations – Cutting tonal grooves into cymbals is a fine art, with the surface of the dark cymbal exterior cut away to reveal the beauty and the sound of the bronze beneath.
  • Sabian Artist Interaction – A number of Sabian artists, representing a variety of genres, were on hand to showcase and discuss their favorite cymbals and sounds.

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