The first ever Meinl Percussion Festival is this weekend Explore your horizons with global beats and sounds The first ever Meinl Percussion Festival The first Meinl Percussion Festival takes place on June 23, 2018. And even if you are only a drummer, this day Meinl shows you how to explore the realm of rhythm from all over the globe. A perfect way to explore new horizons in the rhythms of the cajon and djembe, or the universe in rhythmic possibilities in Latin, Samba and World sounds and music. The artists performing will show it all, while the festival's program shows the realm that Meinl covers in percussion. And Meinl is even covering all the bells and the sonic energy products that are also part of the Meinl catalogue.

Just like Meinl's extremely well produced Drum Festivals taking place at the factory grounds in Gutenstetten, Germany - and around the world, this first Percussion Festival features artists that cover all the product categories of Meinl's wide-ranged percussion products.

World Rhythm themes Meinl Percussion Festival
The cool thing of this first ever festival is the global coverage of instruments in combination with the world rhythms in percussion. The artists playing may not be well known among the drumming community but are well known among major music acts like Michel Camillo, Me'shell Ndegeocello, Bonnie Raitt and many others.

Lucia Nosko, specialized in Sound & Healing will have a clinic with Don Conreaux and Holger Mertin. She will also be taking care of Meinl's 'All About Kids' products and clinic during the day.

Meinl Percussion Festival themes and artists
  • Cajon World
    Stephan Maass & Juan Carlos Melian
  • Djembe World
    Joannie Labelle & Ellen Mayer
  • Latin World
    Jose J. Cortijo & Roberto Santamaria
  • Samba World
    Inor Sotolongo & Tokhi
  • World Of Sound
    Lucia Nosko, Don Conreaux & Holger Mertin
  • All About Kids
    Lucia Nosko & Die Trommelkinder
Be sure to check all the artists linked with this article. And if you want to go a step further in sound, Meinl's Sonic Energy percussion department has some quite interesting sounds to explore.
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