The PUMA RS-0 Roland sneaker is ode to the Roland TR-808 Legendary drum machine now has its own kicks The PUMA RS-0 Roland sneaker is ode to the Roland TR-808 - Legendary drum machine now has its own kicks How cool is this? Roland and PUMA created the PUMA RS-0 Roland sneaker as an ode to the legendary TR-808 drum machine. The shoes actually have Rhythm Composer and Bass Drum on the midsole and the signature TR-808 colors red, orange and yellow on the formstrip. Before looking where to order your new favorite beaters, let's step back and remember how important the 808 was and still is in music.

What is the TR-808?
The 'TR' in TR-808 stands for Transistor Rhythm.

In 16 steps the 808 generates sounds using analog synthesis (no samples). The 808 is capable of storing 32 patterns through the step sequencer. Its max is the full 768 measures in which you can place accents on individual beats. It also features tempo and time signatures. The cool thing now, is that all the sounds are created through analog circuitry. While using this analog synthesis to create its sounds, among the complaints about the 808 in the 80's, one stood out: it didn't sound like a real drum kit. 'Too artificial,' was the common denominator at that time.

38 Years later, these limited sounds have proven themselves to be the most sampled, recorded, most iconic and best recognizable sounds in music. The 808 is probably the most famous drum machine ever made.
Read our history of the 808 here:
The story of The Rock Guitar of Hip-Hop: the Roland TR-808

The PUMA RS-0 Roland sneaker
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The PUMA RS-0 Roland sneaker

Roland also worked with Japanese company Uniqlo on a series of 808 T-Shirts.
Roland 808 T-shirts on Uniqlo

The PUMA RS line
PUMA is relaunching the RS line this Spring (2018) and the RS-0 will be part of it. Soon after that the iconic RS-100 and RS-350 series will see new versions as well.

PUMA RS stands for Running System, and it is a cushioning technology that was first used in 1986's PUMA RS-100. The RS-100 was considered highly advanced for its time.

But here is where it gets better. After the RS-100, PUMA came with the RS Computer Shoe - the first sneakers with pedometer computers that could be reset, count up time and distance and then could be downloaded to the game port on the Apple II, Commodore 64 and IBM PC.

The 43-page RS-Computer Shoe User Manual opened with: "The RS Computer Shoe represents a stage in the evolution of athletic footwear that many people thought would never happen - the meeting of computer and shoe."

The PUMA RS Computer Shoe
The PUMA RS Computer Shoe


All of the above was fun and quite an informative read. But wouldn't it be great if Roland and Puma teamed up to design a drum shoe that actually measures and stores all the movements and sports related statistics a drummer makes during practice, live shows or studio sessions? Perhaps even have a physical metronome in the shoe?

The best thing would be that all that data would upload automatically to your TD-9 or TD-30 module, or any Roland module for that matter. You would not only be keeping track of your music, but also of yourself. :-)

"The 808 is the Rock Guitar of Hip-Hop."
- Questlove

Comdex 1986: wearable computer on shoes, for fitness tracking
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