Meet Exclusive Drums from Belgium in this video Hand made stave shell drums made by Dirk Defauw Meet Exclusive Drums from Belgium in this video - Hand made stave shell drums made by Dirk Defauw Belgian drum maker Dirk Defauw builds under his brand 'Exclusive Drums' truly exclusive drums. All drums, made by his hands only, are stave shells for both snare drums and complete drum sets. And they are made of all sorts of woods that he finds on his path in the everlasting search for a good drum sound. On Sunday January 21, 2018, Dutch drummer Juan van Emmerloot (Stef Burns, Billy Sheehan, Snowy White) hosted an -again that word- Exclusive afternoon at his Groove - Impact Academy for a selected group of artists and press.

100% Exclusive
By now, Dirk Defauw has made drums from Afrormosia (Pericopsis elata, African teak) or Amazakoué, wood from a tree native to tropical West Africa, and of course wood types like Beech and Oak and more. All drums look and sound spectacular, even with a daring combination of Remo with Evans batter heads. However, this combination does resemble the choices you have with Exclusive Drums: you get what you want, and you can be sure your drums are 100% unique.

Not one drum he builds will be or sound the same. Each one has its own character, distinct depth and sound. And - it has to be said: the quality is (without making this a review) near perfect as well.

The setting this afternoon was not about recording: it was an introduction to the brand. Still, we couldn't leave it undocumented and made a quick & dry video- and photo impression of what Dirk Defauw makes in Brugge in Belgium.

Exclusive Drums from Belgium - a first impression

Exclusive Drums has these drums available (January 2018)
  • Afrormosia Drum Set
  • Afzelia Drum Set
  • Afzelia Snare Drum
  • Amazakoué Drum Set
  • The 'Brown Sugar'
  • Beech Segmented Drumset
  • Bubinga Snare
  • Exotica
  • Oak Blue Indigo Drums
  • Oak Blue Indigo Snare Drums
  • Sapeli Snare Drums
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