Roland SPD-SX Special Edition now available The better cool for sampling, looping and triggering Roland SPD-SX Special Edition now available - The better cool for sampling, looping and triggering Last month Roland announced the new SPD-SX Special Edition, an enhanced version of the popular SPD-SX Sampling Pad. Here's a breakdown of what the new SPD has more over the standard SPD-SX, and a tutorial with Roland artist Michael Schack explaining a few of the cool features of the SPD-SX at Better Music in Australia.

Storage & Hours
The SPD-SX Special Edition has all the functionality of the standard SPD-SX, like triggering high quality WAV samples, loops and backing tracks, and of course the cool real-time sample capture via the exclusive Multi-Pad Sampling function. The interface itself is identical to its predecessor. New additions are:
  • onboard storage of 16 GB of samples.
  • 50 hours of mono sample storage
  • The SPD-SX Special Edition comes in a Sparkling Red finish
Ableton Live Lite
When you buy the SPD-SX Special Edition you get the Ableton Live Lite music software with it. Sounds played in Ableton Live Lite can be sampled in the SPD-SX Special Edition, and sounds played on the pads can be recorded into the software. The SPD-SX Special Edition can also be used as a MIDI pad controller for recording expressive MIDI tracks in Ableton Live Lite or any popular DAW. Connecting the sampling pad to a computer requires only a USB cable.

Wave Manager software
The SPD-SX Special Edition also comes with Roland's SPD-SX Wave Manager software, which means you can import audio files directly from your computer to the instrument, assign samples to pads, and organize your library up to 10,000 samples.

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad with Michael Schack @ Better Music

More Roland SPD-SX videos
On the right you find two more videos of Daniel Erlandsson demoing the Roland SPD-SX and Tony Royster Jr. jamming with the Roland SPD-SX and TD-30.
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