Virtual salesman added in new Sabian wall displays In store Dimension Wall introduced Selling cymbals is for dealers not just about putting cymbals up on a wall, there is much more to it. Cymbal manufacturer Sabian have improved their in store wall displays with some very nice features that help you picking a new cymbal for your collection. Not only is it a flexible display on many levels, it also features a virtual salesman. But the 'Dimension Wall Display System' has more...

Designed to maximize both sales and floor space for MI retailers, the new Sabian Dimension Wall is the most flexible display available. The sizing options are virtually unlimited, and a completely modular design means it can adjust to any floor plan.

One of the most innovative features of the Dimension Wall is its integrated Virtual Salesman, where with a quick scan of the QR code the customer can get immediate assistance choosing the perfect cymbal.

The Dimension Wall also contains built-in solutions for common problems in displaying hi-hats and cymbal packs. A new hi-hat arm makes hats easy to test and compare, while a new Pack Wedge system allows for up to 5 packs per wedge to be showcased in a very compact footprint.

In addition, a simple locking option for cymbal arms reduces unwanted shrinkage, while special cymbal toppers allow specific cymbals of promotions to be highlighted easily and prominently.

The new Dimension Wall Display System will be available in fall 2013, so it might take a couple of months before you can experience it at your local dealer. We added an image of the wall display on the right.
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