Ringo Starr struggles with The Beatles: Rock Band Ex-Beatles drummer can't get the hang of the video game Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr struggles with video game Beatles: Rock Band Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr (real name: Richard Starkey) could probably use a little help from his friends - to learn how to play the video game Rock Band.

In a recent interview Ringo revealed he struggles to play his own parts in the Fab Four version of Rock Band. The drummer just can't get the hang of the video game, despite playing a main role in it. Ringo:
"I think the game is great. Well, the graphics are great. I've tried to play it, but I get too crazy with that guitar arm and the things coming toward you."

"The Beatles: Rock Band" features 45 in-game Beatles songs and the ability to download full Beatles albums, the game has assured a huge audience.

With the release of the video game, mny plastic copies of Ringo Starr's drums with classic black oyster pearl finish and Ludwig-branded Beatles kick drum head have made their way into living rooms. All that's missing are the mop-top wigs and screaming girls.

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