Thomas fire destroys home Simon Phillips in California Life Rebuilding Fund on gofundme and U.S. tour cancelled Thomas fire destroys home Simon Phillips in California Simon Phillips and his fiancée Billie Rainbird have lost everything on their property due to the Thomas fire raging through California. On December 4, the firestorm began north of Santa Paula and by December 10 it had burned approximately 230,000 acres (931 km2). The remaining dates of his current U.S. Protocol 4 tour have been cancelled. Simon and Billie opened a gofundme-page to support them in rebuilding their lifes.

On December 8, Simon posted the following on Twitter:
"It's hitting me, the frightening ordeal my fiancée Billie Rainbird went through/what she very narrowly escaped running fr our home w our beloved dog Bear fr the Thomas fire in Ojai Monday night. Sadly, it's true we've lost everything on our property..."

Click here to go to the GoFunMe page and support Simon and Billie in rebuilding their lives.

After playing the first show of Protocol's US tour at the Iridium, in NYC, Simon received several frantic messages of the Thomas fire from his fiancee Billie Rainbird as she saw the sky turn orange from behind their house and fleeing from their home within 20 minutes Bear, the couple's dog.
Just a few hours later I received another devasting phone call that our house, studio and everything had been burned to the ground.

At this juncture, I do not know what insurance will cover and I fear getting our lives back together will take much more than we can imagine.

We are in tremendous shock, going from disbelief to devastation to denial.

We are very grateful for all the support and love we are receiving from around the world. We are truly touched and moved. Thank you.

Any support you can provide to help is deeply and dearly appreciated.

With much love - Simon and Billie

Photo credits main image: Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times
The remnants of a bus and a car after the Thomas fire swept through residential neighborhoods near Ojai.
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