CD 2014
Daisychain Records
Disc 1
01. Fuff
02. Dingotron
03. Munk
04. Kingston
05. 'Zad You?!
06. Frogg
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Salle de Jonge - 'Zad You?! | Funk & Soul Drum Grooves
'Zad You?! is a track written by Salle de Jonge and from the album 'Nailticket' of his band LeslieNielsen. Filled with High-Level-Groove-Fun from the mind of a drummer. Played during his masterclass at Music Fair 2017 in The Netherlands.

-- Drummerszone Article Excerpt --

'In the pocket' with Salle de Jonge
How Sound, Timing and Groove make the music

Dutch drummer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Salle de Jonge is a young and vibrant factor in the Dutch music scene. Currently writing and recording with Soul star Sabrina Starke, we recorded him during his clinic at the Musicfair Musician's Show in The Netherlands. For Salle, who is playing in the major leagues in Holland, drumming is about sound, timing and groove. His grooves are hired by many of the biggest producers in the industry for quite some years now. For Remo he hosted on of the Remo Sandlane Sessions, and he is preparing a clinic tour for Remo, Sakae and Zildjian.

During his clinic he covered the topic of 'in the pocket' playing. Going deeper into playing dynamics in the groove, playing the feel in certain time zones and covering the intention of that groove: is the feel of the groove before, on it, or after the beat.

Note that Salle wrote all the songs and tracks himself, including Sabrina Starke's hit song Milk & Honey. Salle is official endorsee for Remo, Zildjian and Sakae Drums. On Drummerszone you find a huge list of gear Salle uses most during recordings, sessions or shows.

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